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Food & drink are two of the most important prerequisites necessary for almost every organism on earth. As far as mankind is concerned however, most of the food and drink available today is industrially manufactured so we can bring to your home the best from all over the world.


The beverage and food industry is worldwide one of the largest industrial branches with an unbelievable total volume of trillions of US dollars annually – and it continuously increases.


For food & drink manufacturers, efficiency and hygiene in the manufacturing process and of course the wellbeing of the consumers have highest priority.


This is exactly the challenging task that the GEOBORDERS Group has dedicated itself.

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Climax Corporation was founded in India in 2004, it is based in Goa in the region known as Konkan, it has several stores located along the west coast including cities like Mumbai, Margao and Vasco De Gama which are some of the most densely populated cities in India; it operates in the food industry, importing the best products from all around the world.

Between 2004 and 2006 Climax rapidly expanded in the western Indian region combining strategic partnerships with many foreign and domestic players to produce, import and distribute products.

Hindi’s Food and Beverage market is in the throes of change. Rapid growth and rising urbanization have spawned a new class of consumers with more money to spend, and an increasing passion for fashion and foreign cuisine. India is one of the largest countries in the world, with a growing population of 1.2 billion people, with the rapidly rising Indian middle class population and changing lifestyle, India is going to be one of the fastest growing food and beverage markets in the world.

Food and Beverage is the first largest retail category, representing approximately 20 percent of the total market. The interest for foreign products has increased radically and there is a rising attention to the quality of the consumed products. It’s an expanding market for processed food imports which are becoming more popular with the younger population, especially in urban areas.

In the period between 2006 and 2011, the Climax Corporation consolidated its position in the food business and in 2012 it was acquired by the new division "Food & Beverage" of GEOBORDERS, the British multinational known for landline and satellite telecommunications that wants to expand into the Hindi food market.

In 2013, Climax, will complete the incorporation in the Geoborders Food & Beverage and will begin to distribute all products under GEOBORDERS brand, focusing on quality products with affordable prices in order to expand from the GOA region to the whole Indian area.

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